Experience the Cyberspace

Experience the life of a hacker in a dystopian world controlled by corporations. The Internet has become a wild and chaotic place, but it's the only one you know.

From virtual simulated entities to a wide variety of missions, a highly immersive scenario and location-based gameplay, Hacker Experience 2 is here to let you know what Cyberspace really is.

It's an intense game. Dare to play?

Everything is hackable

Connections, servers, data, buildings, people. They are all hackable!

Exploit vulnerabilities, intercept connections, eavesdrop network packets. Hack into servers, building and person lives. Take control of someone's else drone or mobile phone.

Sell sensitive data or perform industrial espionage for corporations. The future is here, and data has become the ultimate currency.

A virtual world just like ours

Hacker Experience 2 is based on a virtual reality of our world with thousands of simulated entities. They are persistent virtual citizens living around virtual buildings.

Virtual citizens have name, home, family, job, bank account and even criminal records. Best part of all, they are hackable. Virtual buildings are mapped to their exact location.

Hack and gather influence over your block, city or country.

Human after all

Hacker Experience 2 is a massively multiplayer online game. You will be interacting and playing with thousands of other hackers.

Form alliances, work together with your friends and deploy custom team strategies. Or fight alone against the world.

Side with strangers on on-demand missions that a require dynamic set of skills and collaborative strategies.

Learn about computers (and privacy!)

Within the game, non-technical players get gradually introduced to concepts of computer networks, operating systems and security.

By exploiting unsecure connections and seeing how virtual citizen's data is fragile, we hope to show how our own privacy is at risk.

We try to encourage the use of VPN, proxies, encryption and secure connections. The FBI will probably hate us for that.

Open and collaborative

Hacker Experience 2 is a free and open-source software (FOSS) created by creative people all around the world.

We are more than happy to welcome community contributions. Ever dreamed of making a game? Want to learn computer programming? Now you have no excuses, come with us ;-)

Visit Let's Build a Game for detailed instructions on how you can help, no matter which skills you have. Help us develop and launch HE2!


Hacker Experience 2 is designed to be everywhere by following the client/server model. This allow us to easily create new interfaces to specific devices without having to rewrite the game logic.

Want to play HE2 on your toaster? Simply integrate it with our API.

Easily extensible

The architecture behind HE2 provide the ability to easily create mods or extend game features without affecting the current state of the game.

This extensibility support gives players the ability to completely reshape Hacker Experience 2 the way they want.

In fact, the game architecture is so generic that a whole new game could be created from it.

Matrix theme by @PatricioGV from Mapzen.


We want to create a game for everyone, including those with impairments or disabilities. With help from the community, we hope to develop special interfaces crafted for them.

Ultimately, we want to provide people like Jemil and James the ability to enjoy a game built for them.

If you have experience working with accessibility for any kind of device (desktop, browsers, smartphones), please consider contributing to the project. Subscribe for tasks with the Accessibility label.

If you have any kind of disability, please talk to us about the challenges you usually face when using a computer or any sort of assistive technology. We want to solve them.

CC-BY-SA Image courtesy of visualpun.ch

The future (is awesome!)

We have many exciting plans for Hacker Experience 2 future. They include special releases for video-game consoles, mods to turn the game into a programming learning center, and the best one: Virtual Reality (VR)!

With the help of tools like Oculus Touch™ and HTC Vive™, we can create a hands-controlled VR desktop, similar to the one in Minority Report.

We also plan to extend our current set of features, allowing a more detailed interaction of the player with the virtual world. Think hackable satelites, mobile towers, cars, and much more.

Scene from Minority Report